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Vastu shastra – A way to improve your life to the fullest potential

Vastu Consultant in Dubai

Man is a social animal and the environment in which he lives plays a great role in the way he lives, thinks, and acts. What if we can influence the environment to create a harmonious space where we can flourish, grow and live a life true to our potential?

Such existence often requires a comprehensive study of nature, our intentions, and a union of constructive ideas and systems that stimulates life in a positive direction. Vastu Shastra is a system that has roots in ancient Vedic times and demonstrates the ways to create a harmonious existence between man and nature through scientific methods and architectural practices.

Vastu Shastra

The word ‘Vastu’ originates in Sanskrit and translates to a house or a dwelling place corresponding to a plot of land. It also literally means ‘property’. The word ‘Shastra’ loosely translates to doctrine, science, or teaching. This science originates in the Vedas and is considered to be a cornerstone for designing and scientifically constructing houses and dwellings.

Legend says that once Brahma – the godhead of creation, according to the Hindu mythos, asked sage Vishwakarma to design a system of architecture that included the harmonious existence of the five elements, namely earth, water, fire, wind, and space together. The celestial architect, Vishwakarma, then went on to create the Vastu Shastra which had been a guiding factor for designing homes for Hindus over the centuries.

Vastu Shastra and its practical applications

Have you ever walked into a new place and felt your energy drain? Or maybe felt like the place you work feels dull despite adjusting the furniture or sitting arrangements numerous times!

When the environment and the energy present in a particular location are not in harmony, it has an adverse effect on the occupants within that space. The science of Vastu Shastra shows the effect of our surroundings on our mental and physical health and its impact on our aspirations, daily actions, and thinking. The teachings of Vastu Shastra not only identify the cause of dissonance within a living space but also offers remedies by making structural changes to our property to ensure a continuous flow of positive energy.

Vastu Shastra has detailed descriptions of the layout and the way a building must be constructed. The system is designed to create a living space where harmony is the central idea by aligning the position of structures and manipulating natural forces for our benefit. However, with the haphazard construction of high rises on a large scale today on huge plots of land, the natural, harmonious flow of energy has been disrupted. This has resulted in physical and mental ill health in residents.

To bring about a positive change in this situation, Vastu Shastra can act as a catalyst and improve your living conditions tremendously. However, over the years, Vastu Shastra has lost its value with commercialization and change in values. Even though today this Vedic science is taken at face value by youngsters, the practical applications of suggestions made under this domain have helped countless people in solving many life problems that presented as incomprehensible mysteries and where logic failed numerous times.

To help you understand what Vastu does, here are a few points where this science does wonders for you, your family, business, careers, and other areas –

  • Vastu Shastra is a systematic method to design your living space with an emphasis on harmony. This science prescribes methods and systems to bring balance to the different natural elements, and the occupants and guides them in a way of achieving the highest potential.

  • Understanding the alignment of ‘Vastu Purusha’ for a given space– a complete rendition of energy flow and its distribution.

  • The system shows the ideal placement of furniture, doors, windows, and other important architectural elements to generate a positive flow of energy, stability, and efficiency in productivity.

  • Using colours, architectural forms, and other structural improvements, Vastu Shastra shows ways to arrest or influence energy positively. Such inclusions have a great constructive effect on the general well-being as well as on the wealth, health, prosperity, marital relationships, etc. of people occupying the living space.

  • To create an environment where one feels positive, motivated, and energetic by balancing the natural, creative forces to our benefit.

Vastu Shastra in the Middle East

Today, the importance of Vastu Shastra is recognized all over the world. In developed countries like the UAE and other Gulf regions, people are looking for expert Vastu consultants to enhance their way of life, business, and other life aspirations.

As a Vastu consultant in Dubai, we offer complete consultation and guidance for renovating and designing commercial and residential structures. From the evaluation of a property based on its floor plan, geolocation, and other factors we are adept at compiling a complete report on the quality of life you would endure in a particular location.

The process starts with the analysis of the floor plans and location details of your property. Based on our scientific survey, we then decipher the reading according to the principles of Vastu Shastra. The reading indicates all the necessary areas of harmony and helps to identify dissonances for a given area of interest. Once the issues are identified, we prescribe the methods and systems that remedy the situation and bring about a positive flow of energy to your property. We also provide a thorough follow-up on our instructions and ensure that the Vastu system is in place and generating the intended result.

With years of experience under our belt, we are an experienced Vastu consultant in Dubai and had been in service to numerous people in bringing about effective solutions to their problems. Be it issues in your career, matrimony alliances, matrimonial problems, or any other important aspect of your life, we believe that we offer valuable advice that can enhance your life to the fullest potential.

To know more about Vastu and how it can improve your life, please write to us at or give us a call on +91 83838 99630 today.