Attract Money with Numerology

Numerology money number:

Most of us work very hard in our lives for success, and one of the well-known benchmarks of success is money.

We are willing to go to any lengths and find any way possible to earn the money that can secure our future and the future of our loved ones.

Numerology is no exception.

So, does Numerology attract money number and financial success?

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Let’s understand in a little more detail how the energy of money interacts with the energy of numbers.

The first thing to know and understand here is that contrary to popular belief, no number is good or bad.

Similar to planets (for those who have some idea about astrology), every number represents factors like happiness, luck, success, as well as obstacles and hardships. In the end, it comes down to us and how we manage and fine-tune these numbers to our benefit.

Every number has its attributes, energy, and vibrations. Numbers have rich symbolic meanings and correlate to every aspect of life including your finances and the ability to earn, retain, and spend money. Understanding the energy of these numbers and how they influence and interact with your prosperity can help you understand your money-making potential.

So, let’s examine the money potential from each number from 1 to 9

Number 1

Number Energy – New Beginnings

People with the life path number 1 are born leaders and are innately geared toward success. This may also sometimes lead to fortune. These individuals are generous in sharing their money and money also tends to be attracted to these people and stay with them.

However, they need to avoid being extravagant as this could drain them of their money reserves.

Number 2

Number Energy – Sharing / giving out

Those with life path number 2 are also blessed with generosity – so much so that they are often left with little money for themselves after funneling most of it towards their loved ones. Hence, disappointment and financial struggles are likely throughout their lives. They are often known to be the least fortunate when it comes to finances or financial success.

Number 3

Number Energy – Naturally lucky

Although the number 3 symbolizes easy financial acquisition, it’s also inconsistent meaning that people with the life path number 3 can get into debt very fast. But, on the bright side, they can also get out of it just as fast. Hence, these people find it easy to manifest “abundance”. As long as they stay focused (and are known for lacking focus), they often reach their financial goals quickly.

Number 4

Number Energy – hard work and building foundations

Money doesn’t often come to people with the number 4 as their life path number. But, that doesn’t mean that just because you are born with the number 4, you are destined for poverty. It simply means that money will come to you with hard work and struggle. For what it’s worth, financial abundance isn’t always the focus for these grounded people.

Number 5

Number Energy – Streak of Philanthropy

To begin with, people with money number 5 are great employers and treat their employees very well. They are known to foster goodwill wherever they go. They believe that money is to be given away and that it is a replenishing source. For this belief, they are often rewarded with abundance by the universe.

Number 6

Number Energy – Abundance

The people with life path number 6 never have to worry about not having money, since they would most likely always have the money they need. Like number 3, this number also represents stability and balance. These people usually flourish at everything they put their minds to.

Number 7

Number Energy – Eccentricity

When it comes to number 7, people with this life path number tend to be a bit of a wild card. While in most cases, they symbolize financial challenges, they can also bring about significant prosperity. High-risk ventures should be avoided by these individuals. Money is neither a guarantee nor a focus for people with a life path number 7.

Number 8

Number Energy – Spend money to make money

Number 8 is also considered a ‘Karma’ number, which means that with big money also comes big responsibilities and while these people have the potential to earn a good deal of money, they are also prone to huge losses. On the bright side, people with a life path number 8 prosper quite a bit in life and are known to be wealthy.

Number 9

Number Energy – Midas Touch

9 attracts money effortlessly and easily. But these people also have a flair for philanthropy, as a result of which they also tend to lose wealth and often find it difficult to hold on to the wealth. But if they can set aside some money in a savings account, it will multiply manifolds.

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