Prashan Kundali, also known as Horary Astrology, is a powerful and insightful branch of Vedic Astrology. It is designed to provide precise answers to specific questions by analyzing the positions of the planets at the moment the question is asked. Aacharya Saanvi Gupta specializes in Prashan Kundali readings and can help you find clarity and guidance in even the most complex situations.

How Prashan Kundali Works:

Prashan Kundali involves the casting of a horoscope for the exact moment a question arises. It requires the astrologer to analyze the planetary positions and their aspects to provide answers and predictions. This method is particularly helpful for individuals seeking quick and specific responses to their concerns, whether related to career, relationships, health, or other life matters.

Consultation Process:

If you have a specific question or concern, Aacharya Saanvi Gupta can provide you with a Prashan Kundali reading. The consultation process involves discussing your question, casting the Prashan Kundali, and interpreting the results. You’ll receive valuable insights and guidance to help you make informed decisions.

Contact Us:

To schedule a Prashan Kundali consultation or to inquire further about this service, please feel free to contact Aacharya Saanvi Gupta through the provided contact form on our website.


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Saanvi Gupta has always been an intelligent girl and a good academic performer. She did her schooling at Mater Dei Convent School. Also, she is a graduate in the first division of Sri Venketeswara College, Delhi University. Saanvi also opted for Actuarial Science, one of the highest-paid professions and cleared nine exams under it, which is very difficult. She got married and could not pursue a career in this field.

After being married and blessed with two kids, Saanvi always had a strong urge to do something and not let my talent and education go wasted. Being born and brought up in a very religious family, Saanvi Gupta always had an interest in the field of Astrology and Vastu Shastra, and as she couldn't pursue a career in the field of Actuarial Science, Saanvi decided to know what the reason was for her being unable to do so. To further advance her knowledge, she earned a Diploma in Scientific Vastu and Dynamic Numerology.

Presently Saanvi Gupta is a guest columnist for the newspaper PIONEER. Doing several astrology-based live shows with the Amar Ujala group. For her as a professional, Astrology is a pure form of science dealing with proper facts and logic. It has been wrongly portrayed and used in our society to scare people. Instead, it should be used as a guiding light to help people.