Vastu Shastra for Rahu in House

Rahu is the celestial body that is usually the source of terror. Rahu is depicted as the head of a serpent, symbolizing desire and material attachment, while Ketu represents the tail, signifying detachment and spiritual liberation. The presence of Rahu in a birth chart is believed to indicate karmic challenges and obstacles in one’s life journey.  Rahu is said to be residing in your home as per Vastu Shastra. Rahu is actually a snowball of energies that is known for its negative effects. But is not always negative, it too brings positive effects.

In astrology, Rahu is the enemies of the planets Moon and Sun, and thus eclipse them. However, if you consider zodiac signs, Rahu is friends to Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Pisces and Sagittarius zodiac signs. As per Vastu Shastra Rahu reside in South-West zone of the house. This zone in which this negative planet resides must be given special attention and maintained carefully to protect you and your family from unpleasant Rahu. There are some maintenance guidelines for South West of your home to have a progressive life that is miles away from negativity and gloominess.

Do’s & Don’ts

  • Avoid having temples in South West directions. Otherwise, you wouldn’t fetch the appropriate and deserved blessings.
  • Avoid keeping auspicious plants like Tulsi in these directions.
  • Keep these zones neat & clean. If you have a store room in this direction keep it organized way avoid cluttering.
  • The toilets of the house must also not be located in this area of the house. Diseases, surgeries, and prolonged medication will never end. Always keep the door of the washroom closed.
  • Chant the Rahu mantra 108 times daily. The ill impacts can be minimized easily by it.
  • One can also do Rahu puja to avoid the negative impact of Rahu.
  • Offering food to Brahmins on Amavasya. This auspicious practice helps appease any negative influences associated with Rahu.
  • Chant Saraswati Chalisa. Invoking Saraswati’s blessings enhances knowledge and creativity.
  • Worship Bhairon baba.
  • Placing a yellow flag in the top of the southwest corner. This color is associated with positivity and can help counterbalance any negative energy flow caused by Rahu.
  • Avoiding entry through the southwest direction. This helps prevent negative energies from entering your space.
  • Closing windows in the southwest prevent any negative energy from seeping into your home or office.

Rahu’s significance in Vastu Shastra cannot be underestimated as it plays a vital role in shaping our living spaces. By understanding its impact on energy flow and implementing positive rituals, we can create harmonious environments that promote well-being success and happiness, such as using specific colors, materials, or objects, it is believed that one can neutralize the negative influences of Rahu and promote harmony and well-being within the household.