2023 Zodiac Predictions

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Sunday, 01 January 2023 | Saanvi Gupta

As we usher in 2023 and start looking forward to 365 new opportunities, certain restraints and restrictions always tend to come in the way of your goals. Here are the predictions for 2023.


The initial 2-3 months of 2023 can be challenging for the ascendants of this zodiac. So, they must keep a positive mind-set, control their expenditure and don’t be extravagant. The rest of the year is full of opportunities for these natives – especially for students and professionals. A good year for investing in a new property or car. Relationships and marriages can be stressful, and you must prioritise mental well-being above all else. Meditate regularly, avoid oily and spicy food, and focus on a healthy lifestyle with regular exercise, as weight gain is possible. You could chant the Hanuman Chalisa regularly and include saffron and turmeric in your diet on Thursdays to ward off obstacles. Ascendants of this zodiac are opinionated, which might get them into problems in relationships and professional partnerships. So, they should think twice before getting into an argument or expressing an opinion.


2023 will prove to be very auspicious for Taureans. Both professionally and personally, this year will bring many opportunities to you. There are unlimited opportunities to grow your wealth. People in business will see growth in their ventures, and people in jobs might see a promotion or a pay rise. There are strong possibilities for a trip abroad. However, you need to check your expenses and look at your health. In the last 3 months of 2023, you may have some differences with your children. Be patient and resolve these differences with love. Chant the “Shani Chalisa” on Saturdays and donate to your employees. Be practical in your approach. Students should focus on a healthy lifestyle and meditate for at least 5 minutes daily. You could also chant the “Saraswati Chalisa” for increased focus. If you are embroiled in a court case, it is advised that you be a little flexible and try to settle it. If you prolong it for long, this may result in a waste of time and money.


Ascendants of Gemini can look forward to some fantastic opportunities in 2023 after struggling for the last couple of years. They need to stay focused and positive; nothing can stop them from succeeding in the coming year. Both financially and professionally, Geminis will experience unlimited growth. There might be some differences with children so be careful of your interactions with them. For those of you who are in a relationship, 2023 might be when you break up. There can be some problems in your marital life, but they can be resolved carefully and positively. It would be best if you carefully placed your trust in people (especially within the family), as some might try to use you for their benefit. Worship Ganesha, chant the Ganesh Chalisa on Wednesdays, and offer Boondi ke Laddoo to Ganesha. Your health chart will be favourable in 2023. However, you can donate to the cows in your stable, plant a Tulsi plant, and worship it regularly. Worshipping goddess Durga, chanting the Durga Saptashati and Durga Chalisa, and reciting 108 names of goddess Durga is an essential remedial for you.


2023 will be a good year for you if you keep a positive approach and practice moral values. But this year can prove difficult as some unexpected events and hardships might occur. So, go for regular health check-ups and take extra care of your health. Investment in insurance is an option you should explore in 2023. There is also a possibility of business travel abroad. Avoid drinking and driving. Steer clear of workplace politics and take good care of your mother’s health. Donation is a remedial measure for you in 2023. Try donating to your employees, staff, and the needy, especially on your birthday.


2023 is very positive for Leos. You will come across new business opportunities and an inflow of cash. Your old debts will be paid off in 2023 and you will be free from any illnesses and ailments from which you have been suffering. There is a possibility of new partnership ventures coming your way. However, you will need to move with clarity, and there should be no room for confusion. You might experience a lack of concentration and meditation is the best way to bring that focus back. This is an excellent year for entrepreneurs as luck will be on your side and long-drawn business competitions will finally be put to rest. You can feed black dogs and keep a peacock feather in your bag as a remedy. You can also keep a peacock feather on your work desk for optimum results. Donate generously to the security guards in your neighbourhood. Chanting the Hanuman Chalisa and offering a “Chola” to Hanuman on Tuesdays will benefit you.


The first 7-8 months of 2023 will be challenging for Virgos. Avoid investing in large projects. You can be confused about a few things. Patience, perseverance and a focused approach will be the key to success. There are more challenges professionally. So, avoid taking loans for large sums of money. Your job will demand extra attention and unplanned travel is possible. Take extra care of your health and well-being because of the additional workload and the resultant stress. Stay away from workplace politics. You can worship lord Vishnu and Tulsi plants as a remedy, include fibrous and green vegetables in your diet, and offer green seeds to birds.


2023 is an excellent year full of possibilities for Librans. Every hard work you have been rewarded for in the last couple of years will multiply this year. You will witness phenomenal growth in business and finances, but you will need to be more confident in everything you do. Stress can affect your immunity. Remove mental blockages and move forward with positivity and willpower for success. From a health perspective, this is a favourable year. And in fact, the latter part of the year will bring added willpower to fight your diseases. Those looking to get married will find a suitable match this year. As a remedy, include greens in your diet to increase your concentration. Keep your workstation fragrant by sprinkling rose water. Offer Besan Laddoo, saffron or any yellow-coloured sweets to brahmins and priests.


This year is significantly remarkable for business growth and financial gains, especially in the year’s first half. There might be some challenges in the second part of the year. Avoid getting into rivalries. Any pending court cases are likely to get resolved this year. Students might get an opportunity to travel abroad for higher education. A decent pay rise and promotion are also on the cards for some. You might also see yourself more spiritually inclined this year. Those who want to invest in a new home or property will also see it manifesting in 2023. As a remedy, you should wear a Citrine bracelet, sit out in the open on the full moon, and keep the south-eastern side of your home clutter-free and fragrant.


Sagittarians will see a direct correlation between hard work and this year’s resulting outcome. You will notice a significant change in your love life and in education. Pregnant women should take extra care of their health and take more rest. Marriages and partnerships are on the cards. But you will need to work harder for success. You can see some differences with children so be careful and patient with your interactions with children. From a health perspective, focus on your mental well-being. Meditation will help in this respect. As a remedy, offer donations to brahmins and poor and needy women. Include yellow in your diet, especially on Thursdays.


Saturn is the governing planet for ascendants of this zodiac and 2023 is favourable for Saturn. Overall, 2023 will be favourable for Capricorns. However, they should remain grounded and follow a traditional approach to life and self-discipline to achieve what they want. You will also see a considerable increase in savings. Your hard work and efforts will get acknowledged this year. From a health perspective, the year is favourable. However, there can be some disagreements on the domestic front and you will see yourself taking a stand for the truth. Those wanting to invest in property will be successful provided caution is exercised regarding the credibility of such investment. Your love life will be favourable this year. If you are planning to change jobs or leave your current job, then avoid making a hasty decision. As a remedy, offer black chana to birds. Keep the Kamdhenu cow in the eastern direction so your wishes are fulfilled. Offer food to old beggars on Saturday.


 2023 will be full of success and achievements for Aquarians with outstanding results. Professionally, you will see promotions and profits in business. However, avoid entering into any arguments and conflicts. From a health point of view, this year will be blissful for you. There can be some controversies in your marital life because of over-commitment to work and you might go on pilgrimages and religious trips this year. Meditation will work wonders for you. As a remedy, wear an Opalite bracelet and offer coconut to lord Shiva on Saturday and feed grass to cows on Wednesdays. Wear fragrances and recite the Shani Chalisa on Saturdays.


 2023 will be challenging for Pisceans. The first quarter will be beneficial. However, there will be some hurdles and obstructions after April 2023. Your expenses are likely to increase. There is also a delay in marriages. There can be challenges in marital life, especially in the last quarter of the year. If you plan to relocate abroad or travel abroad for education, it will likely be successful this year. Your interests in occult sciences will grow this year and you will tend to explore and enter occultism. As a remedy, you are advised to wear an 8-faced rudraksh, gift footwear to elderly men on Saturdays, and apply yellow saffron tilak on your forehead. Also, do not waste a lot of time and money in improving your goodwill.

(Saanvi Gupta is an astrologer and Vastu consultant)