Vishal Jain

She is one of the best astrologer I have ever come across. Her all predictions are so accurate that you feel that she has written your chart. The remedies to be taken for removal of any hurdles or to succeed further is practical enough to follow and it works too. She not only says the positive things( like many others do) to make you feel good but also shows the negative side as per the chart. I wish her all the best!

Pallavi Goyal

Thanks Saanvi Gupta for your positive recommendation and valuable advise. It is always satisfying to visit you in person as an expert astrologer. You have always been helpful and trustworthy. Thanks for all your support

Boski Agarwal

She gives genuine advice and simple solutions for problem…she suggests solutions which anybody can do easily…. simply love her dedication towards her clients

Manisha Mishra

It was an amazing experience to visit Saanvi Gupta , she excels in astrology. She has knowledge with combination of numerology and vaastu shastra , which is very rare combination. Our visit helped us in not only clearing our thoughts but also creating vision for future .

KP Popat

Thank you so much for giving your valuable time. Honestly, this is the first time I feel like I got my answers and apart from that I have got positive energy. Extremely happy with our today’s meeting. Give your blessings. It was a really pleasure meeting you today. The surprising part is I didn’t feel like we met the first time that’s the power of your spirituality, honesty, and positivity. Thank you so much once again!